Jasyn Marais

Data Types

11 February 2023

JavaScript has several built-in data types, including:

JavaScript types can be divided into two categories - primitive types and object types (see Primitive vs Reference Types ).

JavaScript's primitive types include numbers, strings and booleans.

The special JavaScript values null and undefined are primitive values, but they are not numbers, strings, or booleans.

ES6 added a new special-purpose type, known as Symbol.

One of the newest features of JavaScript is a new numeric type known as BigInt. BigInt is a numeric type whose values are integers. The type was added to JavaScript mainly to allow the representation of 64-bit integers.

Any JavaScript value that is not a number, a string, a boolean, a symbol, null, or undefined is an Object.

An object is a collection of properties where each property has a name and a value.

An ordinary JavaScript object is an unordered collection of named values. The language also defines a special kind of object, known as an array, that represents an ordered collection of numbered values.